Took home the Cameron Cup!!

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11 Sep 2015 in Blog / News

Author : bruce

June 20th found me making the trip out to the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Columbia Missouri for the Cameron Cup, or the NRA Action Pistol Regional Championship.  This was a last minute decision for me to attend. But after my illness and the resulting poor performance at the Bianchi Cup in May, I felt I needed to “get back on the bike” so to speak and redeem myself. After all, being newly retired… isn’t doing exactly what you want, what I’m suppose to do with my time?  I’m glad I made the trip because it was good to see everyone again and I shot great.  I arrived the night before, quickly checked my zero before the match and jumped in with my squad.  At the end of the day I shot a perfect score of 1920 with 182 X’s.  Why oh why couldn’t I have done that in May?

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  1. Hosting 27 Jul 2017 Reply

    Former current Champions as well as the Match Staff are usually in attendance to help new shooters in their first attempt at the National Action Pistol Championship. If a competitor were to bring a friend who had never competed at the NRA Bianchi Cup, both competitors would have a reduced entry fee.

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