Lessons — Shooting and Custom 1911 Building

Custom 1911 Build Classes

For over 30 years, Bruce has been shooting for Caspian Arms Ltd.  If there is one thing Bruce has learned to do, it’s master the 1911 pistol.  Throughout the years, Bruce has been like a sponge when someone is talking about guns. If there was a gunsmith talking, he listened and learned. He was very fortunate to have had private lessons from John Nowlin Sr. when the Nowlin’s were building all of his competition guns. He’s learned how to build a custom 1911 by hand, the way the masters have done it for years. You too can learn this skill and experience the pride of owning a custom 1911 you made with your own hands. A pistol that you can cherish and pass down as a family heirloom.

During the 5 day class, you’ll start with a new Caspian frame and slide set, a box of parts, some hand tools and after some long days, you’ll walk out with a functioning 1911. We fit the frame to slide, fit the barrel, complete a trigger job, basically tuning and installing every part of your custom pistol, all by hand. After test firing, you’ll end the week with “polishing homework”. Detailing the exterior final finish is not something you want to rush. No matter what, you will come out of this class with a better understanding of how the 1911 works and you will be better prepared to diagnose problems should they arise. Most students leave with pistols that far exceed the quality found in production pistols bought from a gun store.

Students are required to supply a new, unaltered Caspian frame & slide, barrel and parts, along with the tools listed on the “Required Tool List”.

As an added bonus, all students will be able to take advantage of Bruce’s relationship with his sponsors by recieving a substantial discount for their supplies for this class from Caspian Arms Ltd., H&M Blacknitride and other companies in the industry.

The cost of the class is $1500.  Email Bruce for details at bruce@brucepiatt.com

Class Schedule:

Salem, CT                                                                  2018 class forming

Boise, Idaho                                                               February 21-25, 2018

Contact Bruce to host a class in your area.                                               

Shooting Lessons

Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC. goal is to offer personalized lessons in competitive shooting and the tactical application of firearms.  Bruce’s 32 years experience as a Law Enforcement officer and World Champion competitive shooter allows him to offer this wide range of training.  As an LE officer, he was a firearms instructor, tactical team coordinator and street cop, while at the same time, he maintained a full schedule of competitive matches as a professional shooter.  Throughout his career, he accumulated World and National titles in USPSA/IPSC, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, Sportsman’s Team Challenge, Masters Pistol Championship and SOF Tactical 3-Gun Championships. Bruce recognizes that every person is different in size, strength, equipment and skill level.  His teaching technique is not to force a student into shooting a specific style but to tailor the lessons to best fit your needs. To aid you in maximizing your own strengths, finding your weaknesses and helping your develop a training regimen to improve your skill level.

For more information on tailoring a class to meet your needs, scheduling, pricing, etc. contact Bruce at Bruce@Brucepiatt.com

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