Great American Outdoor Show

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15 Feb 2015 in Blog / News

Author : bruce

February 12-14, I found myself at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA.  A last minute decision to drop in on a few vendors and followup on meetings from the SHOT Show in January.  I’ve known about this “gun show” for years but I had no idea how big it was.  200,000 people over the 10 days of the show.  I spent some time helping my friend Mark Roth, the maker of the XRail shotgun magazine attachment in his booth.  Next year you should definitely put this on your schedule.  Guns, fishing, archery, camping…. everything for the outdoorsman.  Each interested in separated and organized so you can focus in on what you like and you won’t miss anything in your field. I’ve posted a few pictures from my visit on my Facebook and Pinterest page.  Take a look.

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