First Time’s a Charm for Heavy Metal Optics at the FNH 3 Gun

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11 Sep 2015 in Blog / News

Author : bruce

I was prepping for the FNH-USA 3 Gun Championship in Glengary WV when I received an email from the match officials that the division I normally compete in would not be recognized.  Apparently there was not enough Heavy Metal Iron Sight shooters to warrant recognizing the full division.  With having my .45 Caspian pistol all ready, I figured I would just enter the Heavy Metal Optics Division for the first time.  After checking the rules, I discovered I could put away the pump shotgun and run with my semi-auto VersaMax but I would have to limit the round capacity to 9 total.  That was easy enough.  The next thing to do was rip the iron sights off of my DPMS G2 .308 and install my new Burris XTR II 1.5×8 I had just received a couple of weeks earlier.  This was a first for me, as I had never run a scope on my .308 and would have to do a lot of homework figuring out my holds with my 125 grain Sierra MatchKings doing 2900 fps.  It wasn’t much of a problem getting my zero, centering my knobs, then off to the match.

I arrived in West Virginia without practice, so to speak, only just zeroing the rifle and pistol.  I walked the stages and discovered that we would have to shoot 400 yards maximum.  Having only zeroed at 100 yards at home, I went to the practice range at the Peacemaker National Training Center and zeroed my 300 yard dot to be right on at 300 yards.  This was the maximum range available for practice.  What do you know… the 200 and 100 yard dots were right on too.  I was very happy.  On went the match and things continued to go pretty well.  I had one stage where I struck a plastic barrel with my pistol, incurring penalties along the way but that was it.  On the final day of the match, other Heavy Metal Optic shooters came to watch me shoot my last stage. I didn’t give it much thought but as soon as I finished the stage, they greeted me with congratulations, telling me I had just won the Heavy Metal Optics Championship…   I guess I should have checked the score board!

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