February’s Custom 1911 Build Class

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06 Mar 2015 in Blog / News

Author : bruce

Thanks for checking in.  February 23-27 found 5 eager students busy at work attending the Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC. “Custom 1911 Build Class” in Salem, CT.  The days went by quickly and were long but nobody was watching the clock.  Everyone was focused on their project and obviously enjoying themselves, especially when they hit a big milestone in their build project.  Like when you finally get your slide on the frame for the first time, have your barrel fit and hear that “click click” when you rack the slide, feel a good trigger snap after you did your first trigger job… you’ll know the feeling the first time you accomplish such a task.  There were plenty of smiles and “high fives” flying about the classroom, not to mention on the range the first time we went live-fire.  Check out the videos on my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/brucep107)   Please don’t forget to subscribe and follow on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while you’re at it.

More details on the class can be found on the Lessons page of my website.  Reserve your seat soon.

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