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01 Feb 2017 in Blog / News

Author : bruce


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I’m excited to announce that I will be shooting Christensen Arms rifles this coming season. I’ve been drooling over these as my friend, Bennie Cooley has been letting me fondle his model CA-15 for the past few years. Bennie has been singing their praise, telling me that his consistently around 1/2 minute groups. Christensen Arms are so confident about their quality that they back their semi-auto guns with a sub-moa guarantee. If you’re not familiar with these beauties, check them out at www.christensenarms.com  They specialize in carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrels, carbon fiber hand guards and titanium compensators, making for a fast handling, easy to carry modern sporting rifles. They use the same materials for bolt action hunting and long range guns as well. So if you see me at the next 3-gun event, stop by and ask to see my new Christensen Arms rifle…  just don’t drool on it 😉

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