Exciting New Sponsor for 2017
  I’m excited to announce that I will be shooting Christensen Arms rifles this coming season. I’ve been drooling over these as my friend, Bennie Cooley has been letting me fondle his model CA-15 for the past few years. Bennie has been singing their praise, telling me that his consistently around 1/2 minute groups. Christensen Arms are so confident about their quality that they back their semi-auto guns with a sub-moa guarantee. If you’re not familiar with these beauties, check them out at www.christensenarms.com  They specialize in carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrels, carbon fiber hand guards and titanium compensators, making for a fast handling, easy to carry modern sporting rifles. They use the same materials for bolt action hunting and long range guns as well. So if you see me at the next 3-gun event, stop by and ask to see my new Christensen Arms rifle…  just don’t drool on it 😉
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American Sniper Shootout
Shortly after I was crowned the 2015 NRA World Shooting Champion, John McHale of TrackingPoint, Inc. reached out to me with a phone call I just couldn’t believe. The conversation started very casually with an explanation of his products, a “precision guided” so to speak, rifle system that was capable of amazing things. With the press of a button, the TrackingPoint could lock onto a target, adjust for distance, weather, target speed, all the calculations a sniper has to do before setting up a shot, and guarantee a hit in the 90 something percentile… every time!!  I was vaguely familiar with the TrackingPoint system as I had fired a few rounds back in 2009 when they first came out and had seen them displayed at the SHOT Show during the years.  John also went onto explain that he has partnered with Taya Kyle, the widow of Navy Seal Chris Kyle of “American Sniper” fame and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.  He said that the system works so good that even a novice like Taya has been shooting the TrackingPoint so well that he was calling to see if I would be willing to have a little competition. Not seeing the […]
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First Time’s a Charm for Heavy Metal Optics at the FNH 3 Gun
I was prepping for the FNH-USA 3 Gun Championship in Glengary WV when I received an email from the match officials that the division I normally compete in would not be recognized.  Apparently there was not enough Heavy Metal Iron Sight shooters to warrant recognizing the full division.  With having my .45 Caspian pistol all ready, I figured I would just enter the Heavy Metal Optics Division for the first time.  After checking the rules, I discovered I could put away the pump shotgun and run with my semi-auto VersaMax but I would have to limit the round capacity to 9 total.  That was easy enough.  The next thing to do was rip the iron sights off of my DPMS G2 .308 and install my new Burris XTR II 1.5×8 I had just received a couple of weeks earlier.  This was a first for me, as I had never run a scope on my .308 and would have to do a lot of homework figuring out my holds with my 125 grain Sierra MatchKings doing 2900 fps.  It wasn’t much of a problem getting my zero, centering my knobs, then off to the match. I arrived in West Virginia without […]
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Took home the Cameron Cup!!
June 20th found me making the trip out to the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Columbia Missouri for the Cameron Cup, or the NRA Action Pistol Regional Championship.  This was a last minute decision for me to attend. But after my illness and the resulting poor performance at the Bianchi Cup in May, I felt I needed to “get back on the bike” so to speak and redeem myself. After all, being newly retired… isn’t doing exactly what you want, what I’m suppose to do with my time?  I’m glad I made the trip because it was good to see everyone again and I shot great.  I arrived the night before, quickly checked my zero before the match and jumped in with my squad.  At the end of the day I shot a perfect score of 1920 with 182 X’s.  Why oh why couldn’t I have done that in May?
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Victory in Louisiana
My first trip to the NRA Action Pistol Regional match in Lake Charles, Louisiana, also called the Crawfish Cup was a success.  I took the opportunity of being newly retired to travel a few days early to get some practice in and it paid off.  The weather was typical southern Louisiana, hot and humid, right up until match day.  Then the torrential rain came down, putting a damper on the morning.  Luckily it cleared up by 2pm and we had a wonderful afternoon.  Three past Bianchi Cup champions were on hand to battle it out with the record number in attendance this year.  The top shooters were squadded together and we ended the match on the Moving Target event.  My usual rival, Doug Koenig and I, along with a fairly newcomer James Avenell were the only people going into the Moving Target event without any dropped points.  In the end I topped the field posting a perfect score of 1920 with 176X, winning my first Crawfish Cup.  After the awards ceremony was over, the match director approached me and asked if I knew history of the event.  He went onto explain that for the past three years, the winner of […]
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2015 NRA Annual Meetings
I just returned from the NRA Annual Meetings and Show in Nashville TN.  After all these years in the shooting industry, this was my first NRA Show.  Between work and matches, I was never able to fit it in.  Retirement has it’s perks 😉 Everyone told me it was just like the SHOT Show with just a little twist.  I’d have to agree as the same vendor displays are present but the crowd is definitely different.  While the SHOT Show is only open to FFL holders and members of the industry, the NRA Show is open to all NRA members.  Therein lies the big difference in the show atmosphere.  At this show spent a lot of time talking “range and hunting stores” with the public and really enjoyed visiting with everyone, while the SHOT Show is more business talk the entire time.  The trip to Nashville was also a first for me and boy was that fun.  With just a few days in town, we managed to fill every moment with fun times.  We watched the Nashville NHL team play their last home game of the season, caught the Hank Williams Jr. concert the next night, Saturday night I was […]
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Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC.
In case you have haven’t heard, since my recent retirement from Law Enforcement, I’ve gone official and formed Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC.  I’ll slowly be transitioning all my logo/branding over to what you see above.  My wife and I have been busy organizing and scheduling the Custom 1911 classes so it’s true what they say… I’m busier now that I’m retired. Is is suppose to be that way?  Either way, we’re having fun together.  See you on the range.
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February’s Custom 1911 Build Class
Thanks for checking in.  February 23-27 found 5 eager students busy at work attending the Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC. “Custom 1911 Build Class” in Salem, CT.  The days went by quickly and were long but nobody was watching the clock.  Everyone was focused on their project and obviously enjoying themselves, especially when they hit a big milestone in their build project.  Like when you finally get your slide on the frame for the first time, have your barrel fit and hear that “click click” when you rack the slide, feel a good trigger snap after you did your first trigger job… you’ll know the feeling the first time you accomplish such a task.  There were plenty of smiles and “high fives” flying about the classroom, not to mention on the range the first time we went live-fire.  Check out the videos on my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/brucep107)   Please don’t forget to subscribe and follow on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while you’re at it. More details on the class can be found on the Lessons page of my website.  Reserve your seat soon.
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Great American Outdoor Show
February 12-14, I found myself at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA.  A last minute decision to drop in on a few vendors and followup on meetings from the SHOT Show in January.  I’ve known about this “gun show” for years but I had no idea how big it was.  200,000 people over the 10 days of the show.  I spent some time helping my friend Mark Roth, the maker of the XRail shotgun magazine attachment in his booth.  Next year you should definitely put this on your schedule.  Guns, fishing, archery, camping…. everything for the outdoorsman.  Each interested in separated and organized so you can focus in on what you like and you won’t miss anything in your field. I’ve posted a few pictures from my visit on my Facebook and Pinterest page.  Take a look.
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See you in Vegas
We are all packed for SHOT Show, just not looking forward to the morning flight.  Safe travels to everyone…  See you in Vegas 🙂
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