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Bruce Piatt – NRA Champion & Custom 1991 Build Class

World Champion Competitive Shooter & Brand Ambassador

Civilian + Police + Military Instruction

BPTC Custom 1911 Build Class Instructor

Bruce Piatt's competitive shooting career began in the early 1980's. As a Brand Ambassador, Industry Consultant, and Renowned Instructor, Bruce has amassed titles in all shooting disciplines. Having won multiple World and National Championships, combined with his background in law enforcement gives Bruce a wide spectrum of insight in his training classes. Over the years, Bruce has learned from the master gunsmiths to build his own competition guns. He now conducts classes across the country sharing this vital knowledge with others.


Bruce Piatt was born into a typical suburban family growing up in New Jersey. He was the youngest of 4 boys and the only one who took interest in his grandfather’s guns and shooting. At the age of 10, he began asking his father to take him shooting and his love for the sport commenced.

In 1986, Bruce landed his dream job, graduating from the New Jersey Police Academy and becoming a police officer in the town he grew up in. In his 30+ years of law enforcement career he served as LE Firearms & Tactical Instructor, Head of The Montvale Office of Emergency Management, President of the Montvale Police Benevolent Local 303 and retired as Lieutenant to only name a few of his titles.

Bruce’s competitive shooting career began in the early 80’s. His success did not go unrecognized as Gary Smith at Caspian Arms took Bruce on as a sponsored shooter in 1989. That sponsorship remains till today and is one of the longest running sponsorship agreements in the industry. Since then Bruce has grown into a successful Professional Sponsored Shooter wearing the names of many other prominent companies.

In 1993, Bruce married the love of his life, Reyhan, spending his first wedded week in Columbia Missouri winning his first match as a married man, The Bianchi Cup. As a brand ambassador, industry consultant and renowned instructor, Bruce has amassed titles in many shooting disciplines, using rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

Over the years, Bruce has learned from the Master Gunsmiths to build his own competition guns. He now conducts classes across the country sharing this vital knowledge with others.

So if you are in one of Bruce’s 1911 Custom Build Class or see him on the range sometime, be sure to stop by and say hi. Ask Bruce about his family, his guns or anything at all. Bruce will be the first to tell you how lucky he is because … he’s living his dream.


Caspian Arms Burris H&M BlackNitride
Sierra Sierra VihtaVuori

Bruce Piatt Training Concepts LLC. Custom 1911 Build Class

Attend a Bruce Piatt Training Concepts, LLC. Custom 1911 Build Class

Since 2015, Bruce has been traveling the county sharing his knowledge teaching intensive 5-day Custom 1911 Build Classes. He has learned how to build his own match pistols from some of the master gunsmiths of our time. Following a step-by-step approach, Bruce demonstrates how to properly tune and hand fit every part of this classic John Browning design. Your Caspian Arms frame and slide, custom ordered to your specifications, is carefully assembled. A barrel of your caliber choice is fit following the same method used on his match guns. Bruce will show you his personal tips and tricks to finely tune each and every part that keeps his own guns running at peak performance. From experienced gunsmiths to total beginners, Bruce’s method of instruction is tailored to meet your needs. For more information or to arrange a class in your area, please contact Bruce directly at Bruce@brucepiatt.com.

Bi-Slide Bi-Pod Feet

Shooting Open Division in 3-Gun, Bruce developed a method of shooting from the prone position of keeping his body in one position and dragging the front of the gun from target to target. The only problem he encountered was the typical rubber bi-pod feet are designed to be sticky and would dig in, making the gun bounce. Bruce’s solution to this problem was solid round aluminum replacement Bruce Piatt's Bi-Slide Bi-Pod Feet. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a Modern Day Warrior, installing a set of Bruce's feet on your gun will make you a faster shooter!
Note: This product is designed for installation on bi-pods with a leg diameter of .375" or less. The Installation of this product may disable the spring loaded retraction function found on some model bi-pods. Complete disassembly of the bi-pod is required to maintain this feature. This service is available for a fee by clicking the below "Installation Option" button or inquire at your local gunsmith.

US Orders $24.50 (plus $3.50 S&H)
International Orders $24.50 (plus $12.00 USD S&H)
Installation Option $20.00 (plus $10.00 S&H)

The Installation Option ensures professional installation of BP Bi-Slide Bi-Pod Feet on your bi-pod maintaining the original factory spring loaded functions. Simply place your order, select the "Installation Option - Add to your Cart" button, ship our bi-pod to the following address and you will receive your bid-pod returned to you ready to use, usually within one week of receipt. It's that simple...
Ship to: Bruce Piatt PO Box 74 221 Baldwin Hill Rd. Demascus PA 18415


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